Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girls Girls Girls

I got an email a few days before the screening and debated about going to the screening. I ended up forcing myself, I'm always tired smh, after work to go and check it out. The viewing was at this spot called The Dunes, this spot was super cute and not to far from where I live. They had drinks, popcorn, and tons curious women interested in seeing what this Girls on HBO was all about.

This show focused on Girls in their 20's living in NY and the different things they go through at that age with jobs, money, men, and everything in between. I think this show will be pretty good and I am looking forward to April 15th which is when it will premiere on TV.

Here are some pictures from the event:::


  1. HOLA!!! You’ve been tagged!! the 11 Question Tag that is. Check out the rules and questions here --> Have an awesome day :).

  2. I was there and I didn't see you :( Did you like the show? I thought it was pretty entertaining. Hope to see you soon!

    1. I loved it!!! I am sooo counting down to Sunday when it comes on TV. Hope to see u soon too! It has definitely been a while.