Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Few Lady Blogger Fashion & Beauty Social Recaps


So I finally have some time to just get my life back in order. I wanted to thank everyone that was able to attend the event Saturday as well as all the sponsors that contributed such as, Alex of ShopALS,,, Elisa from It's Vintage Darling, Beautiful Textures, Charmed Apparel, Kiehl's, Kupcake Kraze, and Deborah of Mdurvwa Collection!!

If you all know of any other posts from others please feel free to post them on this post, thanks!!

But for your reading and viewing enjoyment, check out these bloggers below and FOLLOW THEM!!!!

Photo from On Tap Magazine, THE LADY BLOGGERS!!!

Picture from DC Funemployment

Picture from Ariella Faith
This was some of the goodies we had in the goody bags...YUMMMMM, right?! ;-)

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