Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Weekend....Ummmm

Well I was sick most of it....hung out with my boyfriend and his friends....chilled inside. I had fun. It's always interesting to hear guys talk....they are just like us females....HMPH! JK! But you all know what I mean. Well anyway I got a little better (well so I thought) to end up feeling even worse in the middle of the night.

The next day, I went to see For Colored Girls which was good but I do see where the critics come into play. The movie showcases very well what a lot of women have to deal with such as alcoholic husbands, cheating men, men who are in and out of their lives, RAPE (YIKES!!!), and other issues but those were some of the main issues. The cast was wow but some things should be left for the play and keep the movie as a MOVIE, but all in all what a film. This was an extremely emotional film despite me not shedding a tear but it was a rough ride watching some of that movie. For the rest of the day I chilled until one of my friends which is soon to be married (I'm excited!) had a birthday outing. I had never gone to Josephine's on a Saturday night, I must say I had a pretty good time. The DJ was on POINT! After this we headed over to Lux which was a totally different crowd and I see why I don't make my way there often but it was cool.

Let's just say my Sunday started way later than expected. I went a little too hard Saturday night on top of my body trying to battle my cold but I got things done that needed to be done on Sunday so an all and all good weekend.

(Please excuse the bad quailty pictures, digital was left at home)

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