Monday, November 15, 2010

Ya'll Remember the 90's....

I was lucky enough to meet Koke at my Homecoming and he just had a unique style about him and knew one of my best friend's that is also a dancer and mentor to this young dancer. Koke was dancing out the he His mom one day asked him if he knew about the "jerkin" dance and he later learned it and took it to another level to start a group.

Well I'm here to talk about some guys who were born in the 90's, called the 90's Baybeesz. This group started out in 2009. It was founded by three guys in high school and three others joined soon after to form the "jerkin" group.  I think jerkin has been taken to another level than I remember. I once knew how to do all dances but I am slowly losing my skills because some of these new dances are let's say different and require a little more skill in my opinion.

This group of talented dancers are all around under the age of 20 and out to take over. They had their first performance at a Halloween Party at the Sportsplex in Greensboro, NC. They also performed at a midnight basketball game hosted by Busta Brown, a pretty well known radio personality. After this they performed at my Universities homecoming and it was a success, I'm sad to say I missed their performance, but I can only imagine from watching their videos on youtube.  They were recently cameos in a gospel music video that is to air on BET in the near future. Dancing keeps these young fellas focused. I think that is a great way to stay out of trouble but still focusing on your passion of dancing. KEEP IT UP GUYS!

Well some more information about Koke, one of the founders that I had the pleasure of interviewing, plans to go to school for Visual Arts and minor in Architecture.

Here is a video....feast your eyes!

To contact this group go to their fan page:

You can also contact this group by emailing them:


  1. who knew this was happening right here in my back yard?!

    *j.cole voice* Carolina stand up! lol. let me stop. good stuff though!