Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend Adventures That Can Be Taken

Tax Free in MD on purchases of clothing and school supplies under $100 is going on until August 14th.  I took advantage of it today unknowingly...LOL.

Friday, the Jazz festival on the Sculpture Garden is still taking place, I might go and check that out.  I need somewhere to relax, I have been ripping and running every day, sheesh!

On Saturday night, there will be an event called Survive Alexandria which will consist of you wearing a blue glow stick necklace that could be changed to the color red if a zombie gets to you.  The goal is to get to six checkpoints over a five-mile distance as quickly as possible without getting caught - or to be the zombie who collects the most blue necklaces.

This is going down in Oronoco Bay Park (100 Madison Street).  This event is taking over the streets of Old Town and it begins at 7:30 pm and a $10 donation is requested because it is going to Capital Big Brothers Big Sisters. You can sign up for the event by emailing info@urbanevolution.com or RSVP on the race's Facebook page.

I soooooo soooo want to do this, who is in??? I am being serious!! LOL

Well these are all the things I know that might be beneficial to some if not all....so please don't be afraid to partake. =)

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