Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend of Greatness

So my weekend started off interesting by taking the train to my friends birthday gathering/house warming.  We got lost due to my ipod, oops, but some people were running late so if they were on time, that wouldn't have happened.  We ended up catching a cab to their house and wow, I am jealous, the house is amazing and soooo cute.  All my friends are growing up, while I feel like I am stuck in box.  I just have to know that my time will come, one of these days, I'll keep hope alive.

So next on the agenda was Saturday errands, it took forever for me to get from point A to B because metro had delays out the arse. My Saturday shinnanigans escapes me right now, I guess because I didn't do alot due to metros delays.

My Sunday led to an open call at AA which sounds like it went pretty well but we will see what happens with that.  As I say, people sell you dreams but do they live up to the hype....only time will tell.  Next, I made my way to 14th Street for MidCity Dog Days which is a street wide event that had stores with street vendors out and The Source was having performances free of charge.  I stopped into Rue 14 and met most of the people that worked there and got some great feedback so we shall see what happens with that store.  They had some pretty nice pieces there, this sweater in there, was to die for!!!!

My Sunday pretty much ended with a meeting at Victoria's Secret that was about the new Incredible bra, I might buy it for my mom for her birthday or for myself....not sure yet...decisions...decisions.

Take a look at my weekend snapshots

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