Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Take Me Elsewhere

I made a very productive and great trip to Greensboro, NC. I have found this city from going to school there to have some pretty cool and neat places to go to especially in downtown Greensboro, love that area of Greensboro. I went to lunch with my little bro and we went to this cool place that everyone talks about called Mellow Mushroom.

The history of this place is that in 1974 three students decided to open a different type of restaurant that reflected their eccentric philosophies, progressive values, and relentless pursuit of quality. They started in Georgia by purchasing an old, beat up building on Spring Street, near Georgia Tech. These guys were smart because the two things that most college kids depend on are two major food groups known as pizza and beer. They were geniuses! =) Today their are 100 restaurants spread across 15 states.

They have some great pizza! We ended up getting the Ceasar pizza which had an actual salad on top of the pizza, it was so good. =)

Take a look:

Next, we went to this place called Elsewhere which is now a museum. There was a woman who owned a thrift store where she collected all kinds of things but she died and they turned it into a museum. It is non-profit and they ask for a $1 donation. I saw some stuff in there that I remember having as a child, it was crazy. I had so much fun in there. There were little barbie toys that you got with your kiddie meal back in the day from McDonald's (how I sometimes miss being a kid). They had tons of fabric, looks almost like my collection from my job. They even had a confessional, I kept trying to record something on the tape recorder but it wasn't working for us. I was going to write something in the book they had but I couldn't find any empty space...still wondering what I would have written. They had this cool bouncy piano thing on the wall. You would throw a bouncy ball at it and it would make a sound. We were having too much fun with this creation, we had the people working there cracking up at us. Next I found a wheel chair and decided to ride around in it...LOL...hilarious.

Take a look at some of the stuff in Elsewhere:

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