Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can I Get A Window Seat?

I wasn't going to post anything about this music video because it seems to be on everyone's blog but once I found out from reading Mean and Chic's blog that Erykah Badu didn't have any extras in the video, my mouth dropped. That woman is a bad b*tch (excuse my french) but that takes some guts and she definitely sent a message with that video in more ways than one. I felt like she touched on a lot of topics of today and how we are quick to judge something that is different or we don't understand. I don't condon walking down the street naked and walking around half naked in public, just not cool or classy.

I love E. Badu for her boldness.......she is amazing, it goes hand and hand with her music. Her album drops today!

To hear her album go to: http://www.erykahbadu.com/


  1. I also agree on Erykah being bold. She is very artistic and goes very deep to try to convey a message. Her spontaneity in shooting this video I think it was definitely capturing art. I think she was trying to capture her expressions based off of "right now". Yes she is wrong for not getting the proper permission but if she would have gotten the permission of the park, I think the dynamics of the video would have been way different. I give her kudos in trying to do something very raw and spur of the moment. To me that is what art expression is about, capturing that exact moment.

  2. I totally feel you. I think that made me like the video even more, the fact that she did it so spontaneously. It was definitely more artistic than being taken sexually. I think she did it tastefully, but some of those kids might be traumatized for life...LOL!!! But what a great person to be traumatized by. =)