Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I made my way in Payless because I always find hidden treasures in there. I got my pair of Chrisitian Siriano's from there and they always make people mouths drop because they can't believe they are from there. I was looking to see if I could find this clutch from Lela Rose that I am obsessed with but it is $30 and I am definitely not spending that much on it. I found this huge clutch from Chrisitian Siriano while on my hunt and it was extra cute but a little too steep for Payless.

So I happened to venture off into the 9 and 9 1/2 section which is so not my size but I just wanted to see what they had to offer and I found some Chrisitan Siriano's that hit the runway last year.


If they had these in my size I would have so gotten them. I could see those shoes in a sick, crazy photoshoot. I might stay on the lookout for those.


  1. i be sleepin on payless.. i need to go check some out lol

  2. *mouth drops* Running to Payless NOW for those babies! lol...maybe, prob don't have my size either

  3. yeah me too Mika, i def been sleepin. i didnt know Payless had it like that

  4. Ah! These areamazing!!!!!!!!! I wish we had Payless in the UK :( -they look straight off the runway & very pricey

  5. and the reason behind those bad shoes is because the are Christian Sirano's and payless picked him up.. Yup watched his show and found out

  6. Yep....they came out sometime last year...I have these black booties of his that came out when his shoes first came to payless. =)