Monday, January 4, 2010


And so we begin a New Year...EH?? So far interesting, but I will say that my New Years was grand, I was able to hang with a fellow Aggie, one of my good friends from DC, a fellow blogger who was awesome and his friend. We had an amazing night in NYC. It will be one that I will NEVER EVER FORGET. Time was not even thought about....I didn't see the ball drop, only people from random states mainly go and see the ball drop...I wanted to party with faboulous people and have a wonderful time and that I are some of the pics....

Sergio Fellow Blogger : Check it OUT!

Me and Free making it HOTTTAAH! LOL =P

Me and my girl Toya...we were keeping it Lacey *wink*

And so I conclude my entry with I kept my promise to myself and purchased my domain name...I will leak the name once the site is up and running.

To greater things in 2010 =)


  1. Happy new year!!.. just came across your blog.. I like your style! .. the lace looks hot on you xx