Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Will Soon Be a Domain Name Holder

Ok so yesterday on my journey for tights at Target I thought of my first entry for my website once I get it up and running. I took pictures and everything of what I created with the tights. I want to do more with my vision before posting it on the site but I have to either find a nice layout myself or find a friend that could do it for me, which I might not have a problem with finding. I am buying my domain name on Friday. New Year = New Beginnings and I am moving forward with visions that I have been putting off for the longest.


  1. Sounds good missy!
    So what type of site are you planning to have? Or do you want to wait until you get it together to you tell eveyone?

  2. Yeah I am waiting until I have everything in place before I spill the beans =)