Friday, October 16, 2009

Rue La La

Ok so my shopping addiction is clearly still going on, but I am keeping it slightly under raps......I got bills to pay these days....

I got an email from this website called Rue La La which sales everything you can imagine and the items are sold lower than you would find it at its home store and I magically had a $10 credit and I saw something I wanted so I used it ALREADY! LOL (terrible!)

But if you want to dive into the greatness sign up with:


  1. I'm a member 2. They have good deals on designer items!! If you like Rue La La you should check out Gilt Fuse. Here's an invite:

  2. Girl, I just got some Betsey Johnson shades today from Rue La La....and I love Gilt too! They have some Betsey Johnson dresses now when I have NO MONEY to buy them with *sad face*. Both sites rock! =)