Monday, October 19, 2009

Now that the Sun has RETURNED

Ok so today I somehow overslept...I guess due to the many days of gloomy weather my body was just in cruise control mode...LOL...

I can now get my creative juices going with their being sunlight =). I am hoping to collab on a site with a friend...we will be sitting down and discussing details sometime this's a must. We are trying to do big thangs out here in DC.

Next, one of my friends that is currently living in DC is just as passionate as me about moving to NY but her passion is with music. So I am hoping to be making moves sometime next year. I think moving with someone in a different field than mine might be a good thing, it wont always feel like a battle...I guess. I refuse to keep sitting around can make the most of DC but NY is where my passion and heart lies right now.....

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