Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Diary,

I am tired and tired.......most of my stuff is packed for Homecoming but I have to go home and pack some little stuff and stuff that had to be hung to dry. I will be leaving almost immediately once I step foot in the house *SIGH*. I hate to be rushed but such is life. I am hoping to get a nice lil nap on the way down even though I know I will probably be too excited and anxious to even sleep.

I just hope that the weather is to my liking. I had to pack extra ish just becuase I wasn't totally sure of what the weather was going to be which sucks (that's Greensboro for you). I actually don't think I overpacked (well I hope I didn't) or even underpacked (if I underpacked my friends have washer machines thank goodness LOL).

I just hope me and my partner in crimes costume is all the way together for Saturday night...we definitely put a lot into our costume so definitely be on the lookout for pics....we were inspired by.....well you will have to wait and see pics =)

To more sleep (lol),
Franky J

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