Sunday, November 1, 2009

NC A&T Homecoming 2009 HIGHLIGHTS

My boyfriend for the weekend...LOL...I loved Rico =)

Mr. and Mrs. Couture at Coronation
Me and my Boo Rae...we get it in...period

Me and some of my great I miss these people....
I ran into a fellow model I modeled with for DC Fashion Week
Me and a fellow blogger First Class Society
Another fellow blogger....LOVE THE FRO Mika!!!
Halloween brought it outta us....LOL
Celebrity Siting


  1. Homecoming was freakin awsome this year lol AGGIE PRIDE!! U and marcus look so cute haha great costume pick. And thank u very much lol everyone was lovin the fro like they aint never seen one b4 haha

  2. HEYYYYYY!!! So good seeing you this weekend, finally. I guess I still owe you that L.I... I hope you enjoyed yourself-see you next year!

  3. Mika, homecoming was definitely one for the books just because it was on Halloween...LOL. Not too many people can get their hair long enough so a nice fro is always admired. =)

    Corey, it was definitely great finally meeting someone I have talked a bit to online, in person. Hopefully I'll be making my way to Homecoming next year, we shall see...I might not even be in DC if everything goes my way. =)

  4. Im digging the networking. It's always good to see bloggers working together...Keep up the good work.....