Tuesday, October 27, 2009

By Special Request

Fashion Do's For Homecoming:

Knee High Boots

Shorts with embellished stockings or solid stockings (whichever you prefer)

Creativeness but not too much matching.....I think matching went out the door a while ago...


Bold Accessories (make a statement)...not Bright....

Fashion Don'ts for Homecoming:

Matching head to toe jewelry (I can't STAND IT!)

House of Dereon....Baby Phat (urban wear...NO...need I say more)

Those cheap looking plastic heels (burn them!)

Those flinestone pebble looking necklaces (I wore that freshman year of college....I have been out of college for a 1 yeah and 1/2....let it R.I.P.)

Last but not least...wear what you know looks good on you for your size.....I know I am going to see madness, but hopefully this gives a heads up....

Hope this could help or be entertaining =P

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