Thursday, May 26, 2011


Ok I guess I am on a roll with movies because I sure haven't been to any in a WHILE! But anyway I had a Fandango deal for two movie tickets and took one of my good friends out to a movie and to dinner.

We went to see Bridesmaids which had me crackingggggggg up! Like I had tears and it really takes something to be funny for me to have tears. Guys and gals loved the movie, like it's not a girly girly movie to an extent but HI-LAR-I-OUS!

Anyway afterwards I had a another deal to use and guess with who, CURRENT! MY FAV!!!! I wanted to test the waters so I got something out the norm, it was the Chef's choice which comes with 6 nigiri pieces and one roll which I got the California roll because I love it so much. The first 4 nigiri pieces were AMAZING and a little spicy since they attach them with ginger and the last two were my dare devil side. One of them was cool and I had no idea what it was and the other was EEL....yuck! NEVER AGAIN but I ate it like a soldier but I sipped my water FAST!

Another amazing dish that is only served Tuesday through Thursday is their UDON!!!! YUMMY! Like some of the best UDON I have ever had and it's only $9 which isn't too too bad. I mean I will go back there just for a California Roll and Udon.

Afterwards we went to Red Velvet near Gallery Place. I got the cookies and creme cupcake which was ok but the ICING WAS AMAZING! Like I might go back and ask them for a jar of icing, it was PHENOMENAL!

Here are a few pics:::::

Chef's Choice Nigiri and Sushi Roll 
Red Velvet 

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