Monday, February 7, 2011

My Weekend Adventures

So where do I begin? My Friday started off with shopping around for an upcoming styling gig. I found a few bits and pieces but I am picky and I like things to look a certain way so I only purchased a few things. I became even more of a fan of GAP with their great pieces for Spring. I tried to make it to GW's bookstore but I was little bit too late....*sigh*....I was hoping to be done with the out of the way places but such is life.

But anyway Saturday continued with more looking and I found what I needed. Metro Center is an excellent shopping location especially the Forever 21 and the new spring collection for H&M....*dies*. I met up with a friend that I haven't seen in forever. There are some high school friends where it feels like you pick up from where you left off...I love friendships like that. =) My evening included a friend's 25th birthday gathering at a nice spot out in VA. It was really cute and I got to catch up with another friend from college. I love my aggies...we all have some interesting stories to tell. This night got better by deciding to party at Reserve in VIP which gave us some room to chill if we wanted to. I ran into a few familiar faces which was cool because I rarely go out these days. This night ended up being extra fun!

Sunday was a short day to do anything extra, I had to pick up the last of the clothing. I ended up stopping in Crumbs and I was extremely impressed with the cupcake that I tried, I am a serious fan now. I then rushed to work and that was the end to my weekend.

Take a look at my weekend........

Fabric from the old showroom I worked cool!


Birthday GIRL!

Get into it!