Friday, February 4, 2011

Anthropologie = My Weakness

I was on my lunch break and indulged into a foot long sub at subway which they now have all their foot long subs for $5 #WIN! So I relaxed and ate lunch and read the Express paper. I had to escape my job and have some time to myself, work gets extra crazy sometimes and I need serenity NOW! Well anyways after lunch I stopped in Anthropologie and they are having a SICK sale. I saw some shoes that I wanted for $80 and in my size but I am going to NY next weekend so no shopping for me until after that trip.

I was about to leave the store when they told me some amazing necklaces got some major markdowns. I got an $108 necklace for $20...a TOTAL WIN! In the process of getting this necklace I found out that Anthropologie has a little company card program where they keep track of your purchases and you can get a discount on your birthday....luckily my birthday is right around the corner. =) Anyway to scan my purchase, they used an apple iphone or ipod with a scanner it was so interesting. They scanned my item and I entered my email where my receipt was also emailed to me as well as given to me at the store. I also attempted to sign the screen with my finger which was a fail, but look how technology is taking us to new heights, it's pretty amazing.

Take a look at my new treasure..........

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