Saturday, January 1, 2011

And so today marks the beginning of a new year. What will happen this year...will things get better or worse? Only time will tell. I brought in my New Years by getting a hotel in Dupont Circle and partying at The Park. It was like a mini getaway even though I stayed in DC. I had a really good time. This definitely goes in the books as one of the best New Years I have had in a long time. I finally got a New Years kiss....I had never ever had one of those, it was nice. *blushes*

Here are some pictures enjoy!

My NYE fit

Me and my bff Tammy

My boyfriend and I

The 2011 Ball has dropped!

Metro at 2:30am
Check-Out time but what beautiful art!


  1. Girl u cheesin liiiiike lol.. Aaaaw I've never had a New years kiss either, glad u finally got one. I want one =( Glad u had fun!

  2. LMAO @ Mika and yeah was nice...and yes I am 24 going on 25 and never had one...I am LATE BOOTS! LOL!

    Thanks IVEY! =)

  3. OOOH a Boyfriend! Congrats! You look so cute with the feathers!!