Saturday, December 18, 2010

B-Day's...Engagement Party...and X-Mas Dinner


Last weekend had so many birthday outings and luckily 3 of them were at the same spot. The Park was the place to be other than Shadowroom which was the second stop for most Friday night last weekend. I went to celebrate my friend Toya's birthday and luckily got to see some of the others whose birthdays were being celebrated there.

The Park was packed and the best place to party was outside surprisingly, DJ Blaze was jamming and they had the heating lanterns out there to keep us all from freezing.

On Saturday I went to pick a vest that was much needed and wanted from Urban Outfitters. I heart that fur vest! Later I met with my boyfriend and we got to my friend's engagement party extra extra late so I missed seeing a lot of people and enjoying most of the food and liquor...BUMMER! After this we went to a his friend's Christmas party and I met some really cool people and we had different discussions all night, time definitely passed us by, it was fun!

The next day which was Sunday, I slept the ENTIRE DAY....literally! LOL!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Toast to the Birthday Girl!

Another Birthday Girl! Your outfit was FAB!!!!!! =)

Partying outside...SO MUCH FUN! Great idea PARK!

It's ME and the BIRTHDAY GIRL! 

It was cold!!!!! Look at Toya's face...LOL! Everyone valeted their car this night.