Monday, October 25, 2010

Feathers....A Movement?

I think Kanye has a huge role on the fashion world. Check out how feathers are about to be a huge hit this season. I actually had my eye on some feathers the day before I saw the "movie" video. I guess I just have that sense where I sense trends before they happen. It is pretty weird but it can take me far. =) Even bird jewelry is being seen thanks to Nynelyves (I hope I spelled your name right).

And so the feather top I found on Forever 21, has disappeared within a day, FIGURES......haha. I guess I'll search the store for them on Friday....I need them in my LIFE! =)

Check out some pics I found while browsing through tumblr.....

This is probably fur but definitely resembles a bird/feather like look to me.


  1. there are also the feather earrings back...seen them on canal st galore! Even the peacock feathers!

  2. I actually have some from ages ago from when I was in high school. It might be time for me to wear them again, you just reminded me because I forgot I even had those earrings...LOL!