Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Edition Cabin Fever

So this weekend was cabin weekend for a friend's birthday....well a late birthday outing, but such a great idea.  This cabin was in the boonies, like there weren't any black people to be found in this town.  I think this white guy was trying to flirt, LOL! It was just crazy going somewhere where there weren't any black people, I was shocked.

One thing that I can say was amazing when we weren't driving in the pitch black dark was the mountains, like wow....they were a site to see, I was in awe. It was some great, peaceful scenery.  This is definitely a great place to go to, to escape the real world.

Well anyway onto briefly describe the weekend.  Some details will be left out due to the privacy of the others at the house...LOL.  To sum the weekend up here are words to describe it jacuzzi, coconut ciroc, everclear *yikes twice*, KINGS, jenga with a twist, Hot Tub Time Machine, grilled chicken *yummy yummy for your tummy*, and SMORES!!!!!

Take a peak at some of the snapshots:


The red cup of DEATH!  LOL!

Almost lost the key #YIKES


  1. That looks like an awesome trip and 1 to share great memories from :) However, that 2nd pic looks like a scary!

  2. It was quite an adventurous weekend I must admit. The second picture is only a laptop and beer bottle...LOL!

  3. I'm loving your pictures. Looks really fun!