Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Diary,'s been a while and wow at all that has happened since the last entry.  I am over here getting excited at NY's Fashion Night Out!  My friends and I have some things lined up for the night and we are planning on going to 2 or 3 events if it's not lines out the wazoo! I am just thinking about what to wear and NY is a place where I could come outside in my underwear and the day will go along as normal...LMAO! Not saying I would do that, but my outfit will be pretty outrageous just because I can do that in NY.  I am hoping that it's cool so I can wear my yellow boots, those things are hot tamales!!!!! We will see.  This is something I can look forward to.  It's like NY is my fantasy world and DC is just the "real world" that I am so over.

To fashionable days in the near future,
Franky J

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