Sunday, June 20, 2010

Franky J Has Captured Your Style TWICE

Once again this weekend I found two trendsetters per say.

The first woman that I saw was on my walk back to Foggy-Bottom and she was from SOUTH KOREA, a news anchor at that. Her jacket was amazing. She added a slight military edge to her look that was a little more conservative. Her red bag also added flavor to a black and white outfit. This just goes to show that you can wear a different color back with an outfit that doesn't have many colors involved. Meet Heesung!

The next person that I had to add to my Franky J style catching section is an aspiring stylist/designer from Maryland. I think he is more on the right track than aspiring if you ask me. His outfit was eye-catching because it was a little different from your typical white tee and shorts look. His white tee made a statement and the army fatigue pants were a WIN! I thought the outfit was well put together and it made a statement. Meet Adrian!


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