Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Diary,

Today I woke up from a nightmare....too much on the mind, MAYBE. Well the story goes a little something like this,  me and some other girls got captured  from a weird train station or some weird run down station and taken to this house where we were held as prisoners. We were actually held prisoners in my sisters room in the dream...funny RIGHT?! LOL. We were not allowed to be on our laptops and we were not permitted to leave. It was some huge man who was the big boss but for some reason he wasn't that scary to us. We were constantly hiding that we were on the computer by hiding them under the mattress or throwing them on the side of the bed. I took this as being symbolic of maybe I'm hiding something from myself??? But what is it??? So then one of the girls decided to escape and they were asking us where she went and we really didn't know where she went and weren't disclosing any information if we did know. SISTERHOOD....that's what I took this dream as.  Friends/sisters you protect them no MATTER WHAT!

My dreams take me on adventures...seriously and most of the time I forget to write them down.

Signing out,
Franky J

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