Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Dress 4 Self not 4 A MAN..Who do u dress 4?

(Pic via Shecky's)

CoCo Chanel has a mini feature on Shecky's website. I really wish I could've met this woman. She is truly...truly amazing in what she created (very classic) and what her beliefs were.

CoCo Chanel on Shecky's Website


  1. Good Question!

    ...because of my career I am expected to uphold an athletic/sporty (also known as comfortable clothing) look. However, being as though I like to socialize and attend events I go to the opposite extreme- pumps, dresses, jewelry. The glam!!! I get hasselled about not having a "happy medium", jeans, flats, button ups...that type of stuff- but I dress for me. I go from sport to spectacular in the same day. Some appreciate that about me and others question me. Either way I am happy and I look great.


  2. That is all that, what makes you happy. =)