Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Black Cat = Two thumbs down

I went to a concert on Monday to see Janelle Monae unaware that the doors wouldn't be opening at 7pm but opening at 8pm and that the show was starting at 10pm which didn't start until 10:20pm (highly upset). This place was very unprofessional and I am hoping that no one that I really want to see has a show there because they might have to count me out.

Janelle Monae on the other hand did amazing. She is like the cutest little person ever. I lover her style, her hair, and I swear she has the best set of teeth I have ever seen in my life (you now know how I close I was in the front...LOL). She did a song called Cold War (def added it to the blog playlist) and I mean this song was so tight....we were jammin for the little bit of time that we could stay because they started so dag on late.

Here is my up close and personal pic of her. My camera on my phone does me pretty well when I'm in a well lit area.


  1. I wanted to go soo bad but it sold out

  2. Oh no...well I didn't get to see the whole show myself...so bummer of both parts....

  3. HA u soooo beat me to it lol..