Monday, January 11, 2010

We Talk Different which Means We are Different???

So today I got to work and started talking about the republican Steele and about what he said (I know, no politics at work but I think I work with mainly democrats so it is what it is). I came to the conclusion that first of all Obama is not light skin by any stretch, I am light skin, LOL. Secondly, for him to say he doesn't posses a "Negro dialect", what is that suppose to mean? I just found that to be ignorant. There are people that can speak very well and that is a blessing...seriously, because there are so many illiterate people and it's SAD!

I will say that as a light skin female that speaks pretty well when I get around various people they think that I am acting "white" which I find to be ignorant. I was raised in a home where wrong words were corrected and right words were praised...OKAY! I do also find that in the black community that speaking well is looked down upon a lot and it shouldn't be. We should be honored to have African-Americans that can speak well and are educated. There are many families where neither parent went to college and sometimes the child follows suit...I think every child should grow up to go to college and expand their mind to new and different things. I definitely learned a lot in college and not just from reading a text book.

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  1. Yes Love YES!!! WHY do we even have names for skin tones!!!!Keep going girl, So down to earth!!!!