Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ke$ha and Yes the $ is a S

So funny how I was just talking about this artist YESTERDAY...I think I can sometimes be a psychic or I have some kind of connection to the way things work in this world of mine, it is definitely a part of my DNA...LOL.

This new artist's album is being critically bashed in the Express paper today. I actually like Tik is actually on my playlist for my blog I liked it so much. Hearing her name, you would not even think that she is a young, white female, it throws you off. I am actually looking forward to listening to her album. Her debut song Tik Tok which made it #1 on the Billboard Jan 2 caught me and had me dancing in the car so I wonder what her other tracks will do for me...LOL. I'm checking it out!

Her new debut album is called Animal.

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