Thursday, January 7, 2010

Harajuku Girls Got The.....

Sorry...Gwen Stefani got me going....LOL

But there is a "Harajuku Japanese Street" fashion show going on @ The Textile Museum on Sunday from 2pm to 4pm,$15 for members and $20 general admission. I think this will be an awesome exhibition of Tokyo's style....their style is so influential and fashion forward.

Summary from website about Harajuku Teens:

The Harajuku district in Tokyo is the heart of the city’s fashionable youth subculture. Every Sunday, “Harajuku Girls” gather there to socialize while dressed in a variety of street styles inspired by the Victorian era (Gothic Lolita), animated characters (Cosplay), or other contemporary influences. In this program, local experts will illuminate this uniquely Japanese fashion phenomenon, followed by a tutorial, fashion show and refreshments.

For more information call 202-667-0041, ext. 64 or log onto their website

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