Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trunk Show in NY (Jewelry)

First Stop:
Eki's Famous!
This vendor was very friendly and had a pretty neat vision with her jewelry line. I asked her what her whole jewelry line was about and she stated that her line is basically drawn from experiences or from something or someone that might have had an impact on her which could draw her to create her various pieces. Her pieces were very creative. She used fabric patterns as earrings, shredded pieces of fabric for her necklaces, and lace was added to make hoop earrings POP!

To check out her pieces go to:

Accessory Remix was my next stop. This vendor had bows (my weakness) as necklaces on gold chains, as well as on pearls. I was highly impressed with her creative side by her making shades like Amber Rose but her shades were much more affordable and the chain on the shades are detachable to be changed into a necklace, CREATIVE RIGHT! It looks like Teyana Taylor was lucky enough to snag a bow necklace from their site. I am definitely getting the bow necklace, ASAP!

To check out her pieces go to:

Melissa Fortune looked like a pretty young jewelry designer and her pieces were very nice. She looked like was pretty good at her craft. She had a lot of gold jewelry pieces and I have become a big fan of gold jewelry in the past 2 or 3 years. She also has a talent of putting studs on chucks. She really wowed me with the chucks she had created.

To check out her work go to:

Ally Marie was a stop that I was very happy about. I had actually seen her earlier and she seemed like a really nice person, come to find out she was from the DMV area. She landed herself in NY working for a magazine. I was totally amazed and was definitely told some vital information about finding work in NY. But about her couture jewelry line, she had a long silver chain on with a blue piece on it that I was definitely tempted to purchase right off of her neck. It looks like she also makes custom couture clothing which have been featured in some major magazines.

To see more of her pieces go to:
She blogs too...check out:

Sabrina was another jewelry designer that I met and found out that she started making jewelry in college to make some side money. After school, she decided to go with it with full force. Her jewelry line included pieces such as painted on earrings and painted on huge bracelets. Her jewelry was of something that I had never seen before.

To check out her pieces go to:

Emijaa Jaaemil has a jewelry line that is handmade with all natural products. I found this to be pretty cool because I am all for being eco-friendly even though I don't always follow the rules *hides face*. Her jewelry was really nice and pretty unique, I have to say.

To see more of her pieces, check out her blog:

Last but not least...Finishing Touches Accessories was a good stop and a good name to go along with their jewelry. It looks like from their synopsis on their site that a group of college girlfriends shared the love of fashion and accessories and decided to start this jewelry business. They had some nice pieces such as rings that had a stretchy band which works for me because I have small fingers. They had some great bracelets and I purchased two for $25, which was an excellent deal. I killed two birds with one stone. Their prices as you can see were pretty reasonable.

To see more of their pieces go to:

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