Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Diary,

So I spoke with someone that I went to school with that is living in NY. I really want to make my way, but I am 23 and I have yet to know what I want to do EXACTLY. I just have some people here that its like if I left I would miss them. It's almost like when you get involved with someone and then you decide to make a major move, things rarely work out.......but I mean that's life, I guess. I just feel like I want to make some moves with my life, but I just need to find someone in NY or I just need to go up and network....or craigslist is always an myself thinking. I really need to make some moves if I am trying to make it doing anything. I feel like sitting around in DC is just not making moves in my myself thinking but thinking to better myself and to bring myself to some reality......

NY...will you be my new home in the Future....don't know yet

Franky J.

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