Monday, January 30, 2012

Mila & Fire ReLaunch Expo

I am trying hard to post past events....January is almost over! Lol! This event was the beginning of the relaunch for Mila & Fire Vintage. These chicks find some of the most amazing vintage pieces. They had some other vendors there such as Alex from ALS, J Carmen Collection, Beads ByAree, Aminah Muse, Kings Rule Together, The Gold Diggers, Demeanr, and Rags to Richez.

Elle Maxewell gave us a great performance with some of her newest songs and DJ Mane Squeeze was on the 1's and 2's and took me back to Junior High School with the old go-go...ha!

This event was filled with goodies. I snagged some earrings from Beads ByAree which I have gotten major compliments on. I need to get another pair for my birthday outfit. 

Adele checking out some pieces

Jasmine started her own jewelry line which was very unique.

Alex with her ALS line

Me and my chica Adele

The one and only Elle Maxwell

The outfit on the left was designed by the chic on the right. =)

These shoes were DOPE!

Mila of Mila and Fire Vintage

Gigi always giving the people what they want

Check out Mila and Fire Vintage ReLaunched Website HERE

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