Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When The Sagittarius Party!

I had the pleasure of attending Recess last Tuesday for two of my good friend's birthdays. I had soooooo much fun. I am thinking of doing Recess for my 26th just because the dj's go in and play what you could least expect or what you LOVE, which I love!

Feast your eyes on how much fun we had!!! =)

Me and my homie Dario, let the partying BEGIN!

The two birthday people and I

Ziggy looking Fab!

Danielle getting it in!

Courtney and I

My AGGIES!!! =)

Basically how the night went


My homie Justin and I


  1. OMG your sequin top..swoon! And I love the bday girl's tuxedo get up!

  2. Thank u! I got it from a thrift store for $5 and her sequin tuxedo top was EVERYTHING! =)

  3. Looks like so much fun :) you look beautiful i love the sequins x