Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where I've Been

My posts are so spontaneous with my crazy schedule. I took a vacation some weeks ago and went to Atlanta and then to Greensboro, NC for my homecoming. I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Here are a few snapshots of some people I saw and places I went!

My broski C Trapp and my bff Marcus. 

Interesting liquor with less calories than most

The flask I got for GHOE and never will be used for

Me and the bff headed to party our lives away.

Off to this Jamaican spot that had me stuffed to the point of passing out...LOL!

Sporting a Allan Marco original

Off to the Day Party...the start to the GHOE weekend

Armon and I, I never see this guy so I had to get a

Design Archives keeps themselves above ground...I love this spot!


Me and my bff at Greene Street dressed alike and definitely didn't plan on doing that.

Goofy me.

Serious me.


GHOE...what u know about that?!

My bff and my good friend that slaved with me through the fashion department at school.

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