Monday, October 17, 2011

Gentleman Jack Nights

I had the pleasure of attending Arts, Beats, and Lyrics which was hosted by Gentleman Jack. This event had live bands, dj's, artwork, and of course drinks. The event was pretty cool even though it took about almost over 30 minutes to get in and by the time I got in there was no more Gentleman Jack. Thanks. -_- But I met up with friends throughout being that I went alone. I knew I was going to run into a ton of people I knew so the night turned out to be fun.

We ended the night by stopping through Muse since I haven't been there in a minute and my friend was working the party. I decided to stop by. How hood it was but I had fun.

Here are some pics from that evening:::

Niambi and I

Getting a little cray cray
And then there was MUSE

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