Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Thanksgiving Break (with a slash through BREAK)....

Well let's start with Thanksgiving where as usual, we go to our aunts house and eat like we never ate in our lives...LOL! After Thanksgiving dinner, there is always a big discussion and it's always about something interesting, be it politics or what have you. Let's just say I learn something new everyday. Well anyway we got to watching Madea's Happy Family, the play, and sitting through singing is a bit much so we skipped away on that dvd. Well anyway that was my Thanksgiving and the next day was Black Friday and I pretty much worked most of it. I wasn't planning on buying anything so no excitement for me. And afterwards I hung out with my boyfriend and I don't know why but we were both exhausted after going to his family's house, to a birthday party, and then to a friend's house. I know I was exhausted by working like a dog but anyway I had to get up the next day for work so the night ended there.

The next day was back to work which was cool because I saw a little more people I hadn't seen in forever at Victoria's Secret and before I knew it, the work day was over. I had a plan with my best friend after work but he had to leave town before we could meet and converse, sad face, oh well...see you on THURSDAY! =) Anyway this night was planned somewhat at first and then it had a surprise. Me and my boyfriend ended up going to the Wizards game which was pretty fun, I must admit. And then we went to this spot in Georgetown called Georgetown Wing Co where you can also get crepes. By the time we were done eating wings and fries, I couldn't do it. The food was pretty good. I would definitely recommend making a stop there. Afterwards we rushed to the movies because I was so pressed to see Harry Potter. We got there in perfect time. I thought Harry Potter was pretty good. It was dark, it was erie, and it was suspenseful. I even screamed at one part...LOL!

And my weekend ended with me having to get up at 6am to go to Banana Republic, the new place I call home where I partake in visual merchandising for hours but what can I say, I want to do that as a career.

Here is a picture from my weekend, I need to take more pictures:::::::

Wizards vs Orlando


  1. ≈ Worth Remembering - Fun Times !

  2. Ok..nice new blog look! & you have a bf now that u refer to regularly? Hmm..I've been MIA form the blogger scene longer than I'd thought! LOL
    Congrats on the new gig ;)

  3. YAAAAY NEW JOB!! congrats =) you and the bf do a lot together thats great..