Monday, September 13, 2010

Late Labor Day Weekend Edition

I have been busy guys and gals but anyway, Labor Day weekend was pretty fun.  I was off early Friday so I made some stops and picked up my favorite color from M.A.C. called Pink Nouveau, get into it even though lips get darker for Fall but I am staying in the pink and nude family. Anyway I went home and it seemed like time had escaped me and I got ready to go to Bar 7 to not find a line going down the street which was weird because it's always a line down the street. I guess a lot of people got out of DC on Friday. I got to meet up with a friend from N.C. at Bar 7 that has an up and coming t-shirt line which is exciting and found out they might be moving to D.C. which would be coolio.

Anyway I kind of ditched my friends at Bar 7, oops still love you, and the night went onto random fun with a friend. First stop, a bar in G-town for a little bit and we got food because I am fat if you didn't! This spot was cool and then the partying began at Penang. It's so crazy that the last time I went to that spot was when I had locks...#yikes, quite a while back. Anyway I ended up having a lot of fun here and I love guys that can dance =) so that's all she wrote for that night.

Next day was the day party with J&K and the focus of the event was mixtape appreciation which brought out all kinds of people including trendy people. There was a Sneaker Suite there and the guy who owns it asked for my fashion advice for what to wear with a pair of shoes. I got to hear an up and coming artists songs and they were actually pretty good. When I say that roof was a fool by 6pm, it was packed. I ended up getting out of there and went to a movie and dinner for two...haha....good times. =)

Sunday was a tiring day, I was pretty much recovering from Friday and Saturday. I went to a cookout which was cool, they had all kinds of food and I can never escape seeing someone I know at a cookout of someone elses that I don't even know, the world is very small.  Sunday night, I ended up going to Spot lounge which ended up being a terrible idea, I won't get into details but never again....

And Monday was all sleeping and all in all a pretty great Labor Day Weekend for me to stay in DC.

Take a look at some snapshots from the weekend:


  1. Too Dope!!! OMG You ran into the songstress Domyno Harvi'??? She is Hot!!! Look out for Assassin Ink Writers!!!

  2. YESSSSS! I was excited! =) Have u seen her new do, freakin dopeness!

  3. Love the pics! I came out pretty decent if i do say so myself.. kinda look like a sexy obscure designer LOL.. I really loved experiencing DC with you firsthand, and can't wait til i'm out there making moves and seeing people dressed in my vision :) and i'm gonna drop a little teaser while i'm at it.. 12thirteen (coming soon) ;) and if you could shout out my blog, i'd heart you forever. lol