Friday, August 20, 2010

Miss Me Video = BLAH

I just had to go in on this video.  Drake, if you are "23 with a money tree", I need better music videos.  This video was not great at all, I felt like I could have done this video myself in my basement.  I love this song and wasn't quite sure where he was going to go with it but I could have seen so much more happening with my huge imagination.

Like for starters, Lil Wayne was tuned in on the television. Then it looked like an old Lil Wayne video with all his woodies (sp.) was just not good at all.  The girl in the video was cute but all she did was throw herself around like a rag doll and she probably got paid good money to do that.  When can I do that so I can quit my job??? LOL!!!

Drake, please don't disappoint me with the next video.



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