Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Adventures......edition 3...YEP

So this weekend started at Bar 7 again for another friend's birthday. We got there and it was a line outside and it felt like 100 plus degrees....crazy. The open bar did us well, we were, fun times. Next, we headed to the W Hotel and got ourselves together for my friend Aba's birthday. We went a little crazy when we got in and jumped on the bed like little kids, I love my chicas, randomness always. =)

Next, we were trying to get ourselves together to leave out and get to Lima and this took way too long to get together but I think we had a pretty good time at Lima.  Lima has this vibe of dancing how you want and it's just so fun in my opinion. So we end the night after some hours of partying and I have to get up to head to NY.

I decided to catch the Bolt bus with my friend Mika and what a mistake that was. The seats moved at every stop and it was just a slightly uncomfortable ride but it took me to try it out to see if I liked the bus and now I DON'T! LOL.  So 4 hours and 20 minutes later, we arrive and make our first stop at MOOD Fabrics aka fabric heaven.  I ended up getting 5 buttons from here (4 to put on a skirt where I lost one of four of the buttons and one MOOD button that I am going to make a pin to add to my jacket).  I was quite thrilled with what I found and I had a good time looking at the draped wow, they draped like no other.

Next stop was a spa called Eve I saw with Living Social (love that site) and I had to go and try it out....any waxing needs, GO THERE! They are fast and efficient and their prices are quite reasonable. I tried the honey wax and I liked it, next time I go to NY, I will definitely make a stop there. After this, we took the longest walk 20 blocks and I am not even kidding with our bags. I made a mistake and thought Buffalo Exchange was a lot closer but oops, it wasn't.

When we finally made it there....30-40 mins later, smh....I was in awe of all the shoes they had in there. This is a place where you can bring used clothing but most have to be name brand or something known or they will not take it. I found 3 different items that I was thoroughly pleased at finding. After this, we finally headed to Brooklyn to stay with my friend's friend that stays there. She had the cutest apartment, like I was really in awe.

The night began on a really late note, due to having to wait on someone but I made reservations at a spot called Qi Restaurant where I invited friends to come out and enjoy what I heard and soon found out had great thai food. The prices were great, the set was intimate, and the drinks were the right prices as well. This place was a definite win, I loved and will definitely be back to visit.

After this, the night turned random and even more random. The rain came and so a loft party we were going to go to changed. We were about to head back to Brooklyn but I was like forget this, this is our last night here, we have to go somewhere. So we started a walking journey and ended up on 6th ave where it was tons of foolery, then we headed to a spot called Choices which was extra chill and actually started to make me sleepy after my one drink. We soon headed back to Brooklyn and stayed up a little longer and chatted about various things as all us ladies love to do...HEHE. *wink*

We had to get up at 7am so we could be out of there and on our way by 8am.....and this was an end to a great weekend. =)

Take a peak at some snapshots

W Hotel

Fun before we left the W...LOL!

Aba wanted to chill on the rooftop before we called it a night.

So long DC.....

Mood Fabric

Buffalo Exchange

Group picture outside of Qi Restaurant 


Walking through the down pour.

6th Ave which is where it was foolery...PURE FOOLERY

"I want to live right there"


  1. OMG I made it on your blog in a photo!! I had a great time & I'm glad u didn't let the rain stop your night. Your a fab fab girl!!!!

  2. Awww thanks and of course girl, you had to be on here! You are just as fab yourself and keep up with creating, those that grind will shine is my motto. =)

  3. FUUUN CRAZY MADNEEEESS lol.. Im happy to be 21 lol lmbo

  4. The fatigues style is Dope.