Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Weekend

This was another fun-filled weekend. I ripped and ran on Friday to run various errands and get my friends gift for her birthday.  The evening began around 6pm, we made our first stop at Bar 7 which had me pleasantly surprised at how many people were there.  It was definitely a good look and a nice crowd. I will definitely be going back there again in the near future.  The dj was even jamming early and I was jamming.

The next  stop was Tabaq on U street for the birthday girl's dinner.  Tabaq has nice scenery but the food was mediocre.  I was not as impressed as I thought I was going to be.  They have great presentation when it comes to presenting the food in a fancy way but the food was bland while still filling.

The last stop of the night was Lima which was a win because ladies were free, it was a mixed crowd, and the drinks were well priced as most mixed clubs are great at.  I never understand when I go party at an all black club, drinks are priced crazy but when I decide to go party at a mixed club, the drinks are well priced.  I will never understand the science. Anyway, while here, it started to pour down raining outside but the partying went on.  I started to fade towards the end of the night because I had been out in the heat for hours but all and all I think I did a good job with planning the birthday outings. =)

On Saturday, I stayed in the house most of the day because I just didn't have anything I really wanted to do and slept in extra late so I just chilled during the day. I got ready around 7pm so that I could see A.B.H.O. compete in the New Voices Competition and the judges loved them!!!! As well as people that I knew that had never heard them before, they became instant fans of theirs. BET was definitely loving them....106 and Park, will definitely be seeing them soon.

Check out some snapshots from the weekend



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