Thursday, June 3, 2010

We Must Do Better

Tonight has led to emotions of sadness, disappointment and all the above. I saw two pictures of males that are wanted for arrest and it makes me really sad inside. We must all try to uplift our males and get them on the right track. This sounds extra crazy but we must spit something in their ear that their is more to life than running from the police...selling drugs...having kids and not being a father to them. I am just at a wall where I feel like the male race is falling...especially the African-American race.

I had a convo with one of my best friends that the world is set up for the African - American male to fail! I believe it and you men out there have to fight for what you want. Go to school and get that degree and prove that you too are capable and are smart. You must prove that the streets do not defy you. I have many friends (females) that might not have grown up in the best of neighborhoods but they are making a way with their lives and males, you must do the same.

I had to get real deep tonight because I saw one too many familiar faces.....hurts my heart....