Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Life is Bittersweet WITH U!

So I got an email from CityShopGirl about TangySweet giving away free yogurt today from 4 - 6pm! And guess what else I found out? I found out this spot is owned by a guy named Aaron Gordon that went to WILSON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, my high school that I went to. I thought that was freakin' amazing. There are some pretty great people that came out of my high school. I might have to stop at this place after I go to the dentist, I must make sure my teeth are in order and then I can INDULGE!!!! =)

I also saw that the Dreamgirls on Broadway will be here August 7th. Tickets are in the 100's but it will probably be an excellent play. This is something to think about, but I am tempted.....


  1. Ayeee, Just Drove Past The School Today..Where Is The Shop Located ?


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  2. HaHa! Really!!?? Sorry for the late response but it is one near gallery place and one in Dupont Circle.