Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Would You Wear Recycled Water Bottles?

This is something that I actually knew while I was in college was going to become a trend. I actually did a project where I started a clothing line where clothes were being recycled. I need to get back to that, I did some major research and put major information of my own into the project.

H&M has a clothing line where they are using organic cotton, organic linen, recycled polyester, this is where they say the water bottles come into play.

I was actually wondering how the shirt/dress on the right was only $19.90. I believe that is the correct price if I am remembering correctly.

Take a look

(Info via Shecky's)


  1. haha I love sustainability, recycling is a cool concept. and by the way the coat fits me perfectly and I'm a small, I'm petite so the coat should be fitting you good. I still have it if interested.

  2. Inked - I shall let you know because I just splurged another jacket but I definitely do still have my eye on it. =)

    Michelle - I have to check out this collection in the store, they have some nice stuff and it's decently priced.

  3. If you can get all that fabric for only $20, I'm all for wearing recycled water bottles!

  4. LOL I totally agree Camille and cute blog!