Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Morning Madness

So today I am up early for a change but still got slowed down somehow....almost left my camera, I need that for tonight. =) So while getting ready, I decided to turn on the radio which i can't seem to figure out military time for 7:30am so I can never set it right (*sad face*). I turned to most likely 97.1, my stereo is so old so I can't sometimes see the stations but pumps out some sound...LOL. They were talking about women and how during their pregnancy, their hormones are extra crazy and how they complain about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Some callers called in talking about how they made their spouse sleep on the couch because they were snoring too loud, they would make the spouse leave the house for 3 weeks so they can be alone, and the stories just got crazier and crazier. I can say from my best friend being pregnant, it was a lot of stuff she just didn't put up sounds like pms times 3.

Next I get on the train and I had a flashback because I see a tall ball headed guy and it looks like he is being rude to a woman but I wasn't sure because he was a little too far down from me. My flashback was of February 14th, otherwise known as Valentine's Day, and I am on the train and a couple gets on and the girl apparently either found out the guy was messing around or ran into the girl he was messing around with. She was cursing him out and I knew all her business by the time they got off the train. Anyway, the tall guy on the train this morning, I guess gets confronted about what he was doing and he tries to get rude with the lady that I think had her son with her. They exchanged words for like 2 stops and from what I saw, he was being disrespectful to an older lady and someone had the guts to call him out.

You have to watch out for tall baldheaded guys...most are mean...LOL

It was rainy today too...I think weather definitely has a lot to do with people's emotions...I try to keep a good attitude on any day. You can make your day good or bad.

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