Monday, April 26, 2010

Math Scares Me to THIS DAY!

So I went by my local library because it happened to be open and I always seem to find books that I need in my life or the City Paper which always has some juicy stuff in it. I have been so busy lately andI haven't been able to sit my butt down. I can not wait until I can sit down and just read without any interruptions...well until that day, I'll be dibbling and dabbling.

I got out a book called Mathematics Minus Fear and so far so good. It is just explaining my life in school with math to a T. I would be the student to not catch eye contact with the teacher because I definitely didn't know the answer...LOL. I had my best math teachers in life in the 4th and 5th grade and in the 12th grade and after that...that was all she wrote.

I suggest to those that need some guidance or want to relate to a book that eases your fear of math read this book (pictured below).

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