Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Diary,

WHAT A DAY! I had to get up EXTRA early this morning to find out that I grind my teeth in my sleep...HOW WEIRD! Well I had to get some piece added to my tooth that I somehow made go away and I now feel crumby. Today has just been a blah kind of day for me.

I am going to a networking party later tonight with a friend/fellow blogger. The event is coinciding with Paula Campbell, an artist I have been hearing a slight buzz about in the DC area. I am happy to have gotten a whole stash of business cards at home. I shall be passing those out. I love to meet various people doing their thing in the area, it keeps me motivated. =)

Also I shall be making my way to the Boro this weekend and Raliegh for the second time to hang with friends, shop...they got the new H&M there now (TROUBLE, TROUBLE!)...get a tat touched up, maybe a new one, we shall see...do some shoots...a little more shoots than I ended up thinking I was doing but all for friends and to help them out with what they are trying to do. I am hoping to get some pics of me styling a friend/friends. I only have pics of me styling myself so I definitely want to get pictures of my friends in some stuff. And last but not least to celebrate my friend/homie who always looks out for me, birthday....this shall be a grand weekend.


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