Monday, March 15, 2010

Alice in Wonderland in 3-D

Mi padre took me and fam out to see Alice in Wonderland 3-D. This was a really good movie, like I was shocked at how good it was. In 3-D, it is pretty cool but either way, it is very enjoyable. The costumes for the characters especially Alice when she gets big to small in the "drink me", "eat me" part. I was just in awe at the fashion. I mean everything they had Alice in was hands down amazing. I really also liked the evil queen's dress with the hearts on it. That gets two thumbs up.

The movie follows very closely with the old version but it has a little twist because she is now older and at the age of 19, we all view the world very differently from the age 6 (the age I think was the last time she went to "wonderland"). I thought the movie was all in all a good movie despite two random parts I won't spill...LOL...go see the movie. =)

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