Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NYC You Do Me Well EVERYTIME!!!!!!!!! SHEESH! =)

So my trip starts out extra hectic by waking up to an email saying the trip is cancelled and when I say I am packed and ready to leave out, I WAS! I ended up calling to get everything in order and whoever answered had the computer that wasn't acting right and I had already waited on hold for 20 freakin' minutes and he's like can you call back. When I call back I wait for another 20 mins and when someone finally picks up, I explain my situation and she gives me this quote on quote customer service number that I call and no one ever answers. I go back online and buy a whole new ticket and head out into the iced up sidewalks....I finally get to metro after my hike and the train is like right there....I run for my life and get on a packed train that is moving 5 miles an hr and times is slowly passing me by....when I say the bus was suppose to leave at 8:30am and I got off the over-capacity train at 8:30am...I RAN FOR MY LIFE with a heavy bag *sheesh*. I got outside to see there was still a group of people standing there so I MADE IT! =)

I got on the bus to realize how dag on hungry I was so sleep took over....we stopped in B-More and this guy was deciding where he wanted to sit and he sat next to me (I wanted the seat to myself for real for real...LOL). Well anyway after dozing off.....the guy sitting next to me offered me some alphabet crackers and soooo I indulged...they could have had poison in them and that would have just been my day to die...LOL...but I did see him eat them before me. This led to a convo about everything you can name...school....siblings...goals....music...this made the ride to NY go so much faster. He was a pretty cool white guy...we exchanged info and are suppose to invite friends out one of these days when DC has some cool stuff going on. I promise every trip I take I always sit next to someone with a story they want to tell and is worth listening to.

So I arrive in NY and I stop at this place called Lenny's, pretty good sandwiches, I must say. Then My friend that models there meets up with me and we go to this eyebrow threading place that is sooooo cheap but they are so good at what they do...SHEESH! So afterwards, I get to go to a model casting with her and it was at Tiffany & Co...lucky me! I got to see the office but that was about it. I was so excited to be being in Tiffany & Co.'s hallway...I didn't know what to do with myself...LOL! So the rest of the day was just randomness and fun. We ate and drank 3 bottles of wine between the 4 of us. We were partying in that apartment before we even left to go out at around 12am-1am. We hit up some Caribbean spot that was cool but started to get old so we went by this diner and had some bomb breakfast food (I can taste it now). We had drama toward the end because you had to be charged a minimum which they didn't let us know about before hand.

So the next day was pretty much sleeping the day away until I realized I signed up for a show that I was not missing. The designers name was Manuel De La Cruz. This show was pretty nice and amazing. I was offered Fiji water upon entering the event. It was a really nice set up.

Here is some video from the show:

After the amazing show....I met up with two friends that I met the previous trip I made to NY...our meeting up was great...we stopped by Auntie Anne's and I was treated to a pepperoni pretzel, the best pretzel I have ever had in MY LIFE!!!! I am hooked on those at this point. Then we went to the after party for the fashion show which had everyone lounging...we were in there talking and chating it up...fun times! =) Then my other friends finally got to Times Square and I met up with them at BBQ's Dallas...the best place/cheapest place to eat in Times Square. The food and drink were AMAZING!!!! I need to go back there and eat again! After this we were off to a club called Highland which is the first club I went to when I first went to NY, what a coincidence. They had cirques sole type props in the air so I knew eventually someone was going to come out and start twirling and eventually they did. This girl was so strong and amazing.

See for yourself:

After this...we were all exhausted and got in the house and crashed...I slept as long as I could but I had to get up if I wanted to go by the infamous Marc Jacobs store with a friend I made on twitter. We were both determined to get to this store...LOL. We both found some pretty cool stuff and it was a line to get in this spot. It was a tiny little store but had some great treasures to choose from. When we left that one...I had to go to the Women's Marc Jacob's store to find some bracelets that I of course could not fit (I have tiny wrists). So I found this amazing ring that I wore out on Sunday and I got so many compliments. =) But anyway before I left we stopped at Sbarro's and I got to meet one of her friends that seemed pretty cool and fashionable. I love fashionable and cool people. So I then jetted off to the bus and that was the end of my NY adventure.


  1. Wow, I can't believe I actually read this whole thing...Long! LOL, but I know I have made longer ones so I can't talk!
    Sounds like a great trip! Was this a Marc Jacobs sample sale that ur speaking of??
    Question2: How did u jut sign up for a show? enlighten me? This all makes me miss NY more!

  2. Sorry for the book but I had to get it all out...LOL! It was at the Marc Jacobs store on Bleeker St, not sure if it was a sample sale or not but it was some near by in that same area. I found the show randomly...couln't even tell you how I found it LOL but various fashionably informed people in NY get emails and stuff sent around from person to person about events. I need to find out what they signed up on ASAP.